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Posted by ChrisLanglands

Android Host Eco-Mode Samsung

Looking for the option to enable Eco-Mode on the Samsung Host. Account is Corporate subscription.

Cannot find the option in Advanced Settings. Running Host version 11.0.4766 HM on Android 6.0.1


Any help would be appreciated.

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1 Reply
Posted by Senior Moderator Senior Moderator
Senior Moderator

RE: Android Host Eco-Mode Samsung

Hi @ChrisLanglands

Thank you for your post.

Android Host Eco mode is visible in Version 12.2.6913 HM. If you are still on version 11, make sure to turn off Eco mode when installing the Android Host.

I'm sure, you are using version 12 with your Corporate subscription, so please update your mobile device app.

Than you will find Eco mode in Advanced Settings.

Best regards.


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