TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!

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TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!

First things first: Please be aware that this is NOT an issue that can be resolved in the community.

The community is for crowd support, and although we have moderators to assist with this, posting messages about this will not assist you or others.

But what is commercial use? – Click to find out

If you are using TeamViewer for your employment or in a business setting, please contact our sales department to find out how your company can benefit from using TeamViewer!

What does it mean?

The following message means that you chose commercial or both upon installation to classify your intended usage, alternatively your machine runs a Windows Server operating system, classifying usage as commercial automatically.


trial expired.png

The following two indicate that your usage of the software has been flagged as commercial due to your usage patterns: 


commercial use detected.png


commercial use suspected.png


"But I don’t think I am using it commercially, what can I do?"

There can be cases where TeamViewer incorrectly detects commercial use and limits your connectivity even though you don't violate the license conditions.

If you believe that you installed TeamViewer and chose commercial or both accidentally, or have been flagged by mistake and you are really only using TeamViewer for personal, non-commercial use, In such cases we can review this and potentially unblock the software for you if we believe you only use the software for personal use.

"I am using TeamViewer on a server. Can I use the free Version?"

As server operating systems are commercial by nature, the free version cannot be used in a server operating system. This cannot be changed even if you fill in a form from the links below.


Please visit the following links for assistance and be sure to enter a detailed description of your use when filling out a form (Hint: “I use for personal” or “use for family” are not detailed descriptions):

Trial Expired
Why do I see TeamViewer trial - 'Your trial period has expired' ?

Commercial Use suspected/detected
Why do I see 'Commercial use suspected' / 'Commercial use detected'

Note – Due to the large number of requests, this can take up to 30 days to be reviewed. Posting to the community will not speed up this process.

Community Manager

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551 Replies
Posted by mattanfang

Free version of TeamViewer Issues

I have had dozens of issues with the free version of TeamViewer timing out on me.  I use it to help my family members and love the tool when it works great.  I believe that I have accidently at times installed TeamViewer but when I select unattended access, it somehow flags that it is no longer the free version and I constantly get plagued with 5 minute time restrictions.  


So now that I was using that install method on my family's computer (who all live far away), I would need to somehow uninstall and reinstall the program to ensure that there is no time limit.  


My request is to easily switch the account to Free and that it also fixes the connections of all of the computers associated with the account.  It should be an easy fix instead of a reinstall pain.  Thanks for your consideration.

Posted by TeamViewer Staff
TeamViewer Staff

Re: Free version of TeamViewer Issues -EDIT


Re-reading your issue, I will have to correct my original answer. I assumed this was about false "business use" alerts, however, as you stated: reinstalling fixed this, so it's not a problem attached to an ID but to the installation itself.


In this case, you could remotely fix this problem using a QuickSupport module in order to reinstall the full version of TeamViewer. Please keep in mind, that also a mixed use, i.e. both private and commercial use, requires a license.


I have forwarded your suggestion to our product management. Such ideas are always welcome, although I can not promise when or if this Feature will be implemented, as the decision is based on public demand.

Software Developer
Posted by BKlemencic

Re: Free version of TeamViewer Issues

I still have some old computers (my mom's, my brother's, my two old ones that are also already recycled etc.) added in my TeamViewer account even though they don't exist anymore. How many computers is still allowed to have in order to use TeamViewer for free?

Bostjan Klemencic
Posted by Artem

Your trial period has expired!


I installed TV11 and don't remember which licence option I chose.

Now I get notification "Your trial period has expired!" and unable to connect to this PC. 

I have deleted and reinstall TV11 with NON-comercial licence type.

But still have such message and unable to connect.


How to fix it?

Posted by Teeves

TeamView Free does not allow connections.....

I keep getting this on 2 PCs that I've installed this on.  The 3 other PCs never have this issue??
How do I fix these too machines so it doesn't time out after 5 minutes.

Demo Version
TeamViewer Free does not allow connections to customized
Host module clients with your own company logo.  Please use
the basic Host module or the full version.

This session will be terminated after 5 minutes

Posted by Moderator Moderator

Re: Free version of TeamViewer Issues

Hi BKlemencic,

Thank you for your post!

With the free version of TeamViewer you can have up to 50 computers/contacts and it still be a free account. If want to add more than 50 devices in your account, you may consider purchasing a business license and you would be able to make unlimitedd connections.

You can always delete any computers/contacts in your account if you are no longer connecting to them.

Hope this is helpful!

All the best,


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Posted by nlanich

Re: Your trial period has expired!

I am having the same problem with TV10. Please help!

Posted by bartlanz

Re: Your trial period has expired!

If memory serves the way I got arround this prior to purchasing my license was to do an install on another computer (not any of the ones I had previously installed on) and when I did that I chose personal under the dropdown durring the install.

give that a try.

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Bart Lanzillotti
Posted by Owen

Re: TeamView Free does not allow connections.....

The error you're getting means you are using a custom host module rather than the normal one.

The custom module is aimed towards business use, so companies can front their own logos. This requires a licence.

If you'd like to get rid of this error, you'll have to reinstall it using the standard software here:

Posted by mrmagoo10

V12 Free?

I understand that V12 is in Beta at the moment. I am asking if V12 is going to require a license because there is a warning notice on the Upgrade Version that a license may be required.  I am a personal home user working with family & friends & would not want to have this capability lost.  Will there still be a FREE version of V 12?

Posted by Moderator Moderator

Re: V12 Free?

Dear Henagon, 

Thank you for your post!

We believe that private users should be able to help their friends and family with TeamViewer and count on our free users to provide us with valuable feedback on our software. That is why TeamViewer will of course continue to be free for personal use in version 12.

Only users who wish to work with TeamViewer 12 in a commercial environment will have to purchase a licence or an update of the licence they have. The message you received is targeted at users who already own a licence for a lower TeamViewer version because we want them to be aware of the fact that updating the software may require a licence update as well.

If you are using TeamViewer to connect to your friends and family only, you can simply go ahead and start using the free version of TeamViewer 12 Smiley Happy

All the best, 


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Posted by rillerille

Free version


I made the misstake to install Teamviewer as both personal and company user eventhough i only have it for personal use. I now uninstalled but still Teamviewer reports as trial license expired when i try to use without installing or if i install as a personal use.

How can this be solved ?

Best Regards, Richard 

Posted by Iamnotanumber

Re: V12 Free?

That is great news. I use TeamViewer to help Family and Friends with issues. Although I have said that due to the important of such a great program I would be willing to purchase a single license. Can not remember how we functioned before...talking over issues on the phone...asking what 'they' see on their screen etc etc.

Posted by Artem

Re: Your trial period has expired!

As I described I reinstalled TV. This did not help