IoT WebControl solution and Synology NAS boxes

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IoT WebControl solution and Synology NAS boxes

Hi there,

As a side product for making IoT devices accessible to you through their web interface, we also quickly thought about how this could work for enabling remote support. So, we dug into the code and ported our IoT WebControl solution to Synology NAS boxes, making it possible to access these devices from anywhere!

When tracking the device landscape out there, there is definitively a trend to replace large standalone servers with small, easy to administer NAS boxes. They are quick to set up, do not eat up too much space and are convenient to use. So especially SMBs/SMEs and home users start to pick them up more and more for easy file sharing or backup purposes. These boxes also create add on values by offering interfaces to calendars, web mails, audio players, photo collections and more. And now, you can easily access everything on there just by double clicking a device in your TeamViewer Computers & Contacts List.

And here is how you start:

At first, you have to download the correct package for your Synology NAS box. Usually, your Synology Marketplace picks the correct architecture for your device, but you have to know the device details and find out what your CPU is to get the right download.

If you do not know what architecture you have, a quick look here may help you.

We are currently supporting ARM and Intel based devices. For both, Intel and ARM, you will find two download packages: armv7 and armv5 target different ARM architectures, while amd64 (x86-64) and i386 (x86-32) target Intel. armv5 are used on older models dating back to the 2011s, while x86-32 is not used by many models (DS214play and DS415play). So, if you are in doubt and you want to access a recent system: In case you have an Intel CPU, try out the amd64 package and if you have an ARM CPU, use armv7.

After downloading the package, you have to install it using the package center from Synology. Log into your DSM as administrative user. Please note that we only support systems from DSM 6 onward.

Open the package center. First, you have to adapt the trust level of the package center to allow packages from any publisher. You can do so by selecting Settings and by setting the Trust Level to Any Publisher


Then you can hit Manual Install and upload the package file. 

Manual_Install.pngClick "Manual Install" Chosse_Package.pngUpload the package fileAfter that you will have to accept our EULA for proceeding with the installation.


Once you finish the wizard, your TeamViewer installation will start automatically if you had previously selected the autostart checkbox in the last screen.


Now your TeamViewer is ready to connect to your account. But before doing so, please make sure that you reset your Trust Level to its former value.

Hint: Leaving it at Any Publisher is not required for operation and may make your DiskStation susceptible to attacks.

Now it is time to assign your DiskStation to your account. There are two ways to do that. If your device is in the same subnet you can use the Nearby feature of TeamViewer. 

Nearby.pngJust click the Add item-button in your Computers & Contacts List and select Nearby contacts and devices. A list with all devices in the same network running TeamViewer will show up and you should be able to locate your Synology device in this list. Just double click on it, and you are all set: You can now directly connect to your device. Please note that now, as long as the device is assigned to your account, it will not show up in this list anymore.

If the device is not located in your subnet or cannot be found, you will need to do a few more clicks. Open the TeamViewer dialog from the DSM application menu.


You will find your assignment ID and assignment password in this dialog. Add the assignment ID to your Computers & Contacts list by selecting Add item --> Add remote computer. Enter the assignment ID as TeamViewer ID in the shown dialog. Enter the assignment password as Password and press OK


Please note: You cannot connect to your DiskStation yet and your password is only valid for assignment and cannot be used to connect to a device. This means that you to have to assign it to your account. To do this, go to your option dialog of your device and select Remote assignment. If all goes right, you can now connect to your Synology NAS device. 


Go ahead, double click on your new entry in the Computers & Contacts list, log in and start enjoying your DiskStation from everywhere. Download files or listen to your music -- (almost) everything is possible now, and all via TeamViewer.

Please note that there are some known issues:

  • Connections are currently only possible from TeamViewer 13.1 running on Windows.
  • macOS, Linux or mobile clients are not supported.
  • Links opening a new browser window will not work, so MailStation or VideoStation (just to name a few), will not be able to run.
  • Up- and download of files larger than 10MB is not working properly.