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Posted by ilank

Trouble creating an automatic deployment using the assignment tool

Hi! I set up a custom module using HOST, so I can auto deploy to windows computers. I turned on the "allow account assignment" checkbox, saved and downloaded the deployment package. After installing the package, in the TeamViewer folder, I see a file called TeamViewer.json. I cannot find a file called AssignmentData.json. It wasn't there even after I ran TeamViewer. The TeamViewer.json file seems to contain all the details I configured for my custom module. However, when I try to run the assignment tool using this file, with the command: TeamViewer_Assignment.exe -apitoken XXXXXXXXXXX -datafile "${ProgramFiles}\TeamViewer\TeamViewer.json", I get the error: JSON is invalid ('assign_mode is empty'). I validated that I'm installing the correct installer and not a generic one by configuring a different title and text message on the TeamViewer window. After the installation, I see to changed content and not the original values. How do I resolve this issue?
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Posted by ilank

Re: Trouble creating an automatic deployment using the assignment tool

Ok, apparently I was using the old system to do this, and the correct way is to use the following command:

msiexec.exe /i "c:\tmp\TeamViewer_Host.msi" /qn CUSTOMCONFIGID=yyyy APITOKEN=xxxxx IMPORTREGFILE=1 ASSIGNMENTOPTIONS="--alias %COMPUTERNAME%".

Note that if you get an access denied error, it may be because your path setup is wrong or the service is off.

Anyhow, having learned all this, I still cant et it to work. the command goes through without errors, but the assignment still does not occur...