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Problem with payment

Dear support!

We have problem with our licenses.

Our partner payed for the licence in March (<Text removed by moderator>) but still can't use the software..

We want to contact with the Hungarian support of TeamViewer team.

Thanks in advance!

<Text removed by moderator>

<Text removed by moderator>

Photo of the transaction: <image removed by the moderator>

**Moderator comments: For security reasons, we kindly ask our community to not post any personal or private information on this forum or any public site. 



  • KarlaR
    KarlaR Posts: 160 [Former Staff]

    Hello @sagizs 

    Thank you very much for your message and welcome to our community! ?

    We're sorry for the inconvenience. All the payment issues are handled by our Support Team. I  am providing you the link to contact them, there our Team will be happy to assit you. ?

    I wish you a nice day.


    Spanish Community Moderator
  • Hello,

    Can you send me the link in PM?

    I'm searching on the support page but can't find out how to send a ticket..

    Thank you!


  • KarlaR
    KarlaR Posts: 160 [Former Staff]

    Hello @sagizs 

    Thanks for your message!?

    Sure, please find the step by step of How to submit a ticket and the direct link to our Customer Support Portal, you will be able to access once you are logged in with your account. 

    Note: In case your account is blocked or you cannot be logged in,  we suggest to directly call our Support Team

    I hope this information helps ?

    I wish you a very nice day.


    Spanish Community Moderator
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