The license you tried to activate is already activated on your TeamViewer account.

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I paid RA plan yesterday, when I click the 'active' button in my email, it said "The license you tried to activate is already activated on your TeamViewer account.", but it shows 'Free' in my console. 

any idea to fix?






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  • KarlaR
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    Hi @barrettyip 

    Thank you for your message and welcome to the community of TeamViewer ?

    There can be 2 possible reasons why your account is still showing as a free account when you are trying to login into your Console:

    1. Your license is not properly activated on your TeamViewer account
    2. You are not logged in with your licensed account. Maybe you are connected with a different account that has no license activated? 

    I will share with you the step by step of How to activate your TeamViewer License and be sure to log in with your email linked to your account. If you need individual assistance I am happy to share also with you the link to our Customer Support

    I hope this information helps. ?

    I wish you a very nice day.


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  • Hi @KarlaR 

    Thanks for your reply, I was clicked the active button form the confirmation email which is sent from [email protected], so I am sure the license is for the account I logged in.

    Will contact CS tomorrow.