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Teamviewer can't connect after Catalina Update

I have TeamViewer V15.10.5 installed on my work MacBook running Catalina 10.15.  Teamviewer is set to start up automatically when the system boots.  I work from home and cannot go in to work to access the Macbook.  Every time Apple does a new Catalina update, which is frequently, if I log in to the Macbook from home using Teamviewer and tell it to go ahead and install the update, I am subsequently unable to connect to Teamviewer.  Since I can't go in to work, I have to wait a week or more for a co-worker to become available to go in to the place where my Macbook is located and restart it, in order to make it work again.  So, I lose a week or two of work.  The only co-worker available to me has been a Chinese native who speaks English poorly, so I've been unable to get any detail from him about what he sees on the screen that might give me some clue as to why Teamviewer is not starting after the update.  I don't even know if this is an Apple problem or a Teamviewer problem, or my problem only.  Any suggestions?

Ted Toal