Stuck in presentation mode


Hi All,

we have been deploying teamviewer (10) via GPO for many years without too much difficulty and applying a common set of registry options. For some reason I notice that when we connect to some users we are stuck in "presentation mode" even though we've connected with domain credentials etc.

In this COVID-19 era we need to be able to connect users machines and perform maintenance and fixes so I was wondering if there was a way of switching off presentation mode through the registry ?

So far I've had to connect via Quick Assist, uninstall teamviewer and then reinstall it to get around the problem.

I'm not sure what caused the issue which is a bit irritating.

thanks for any help you're able to provide.



  • techgnosticator
    techgnosticator Posts: 1

    Gee... Three and a half years and no response? Not cool! Having this problem myself. Started a couple of months ago. I reinstall Teamviewer and it works as expected, with a remote support session, ONE TIME, then on the next invocation, we are back in Presentation mode. I need to turn this off ASAP and get back to normal. I have clients down the street, as well as hundreds and thousands of miles away. I need to get this problem resolved!!!