TeamViewer 15 host ID from registry

I have a software dashboard made by myself to help users in repetitive tasks and one is to detect and present the Teamviewer ID in the dashboard to make service tickets or quick phone support.

I got the ID from the registry in Windows 10 until version 14. Now it seems is not in the same place:


Where it is now located?


  • LouisB
    LouisB Posts: 1

    Yes I have the same question. Using the Host version and want to display the ID on the desktop/ support forms for our users, always used the ClientID key from the registry but that is no longer there with version 15. It still works for the Full Client installations of version 15.

    Where can we retrieve the ID for the Host installations.

  • Dotmax
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    i have this question too !!!

    Can someone from the support please reply?

  • WijZijnDeIT
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    Been searching the registry and couldn't find anything, only ClientIC.

    Seems in the "TeamViewer.json" the Client ID is retrieved from the server and not stored on the host itself anymore.

    Trying to figure out where to locate/retrieve this ID

  • Naith
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    This is really annoying, we finally fixed the shortcomings of TeamViewer regarding deployment and contact entries with Powershell and then they kicked out the Teamviewer ID from Registry and now nothing works. Why?

  • tg-appleinc
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    Agreed. The unexpected loss of the ClientID entry breaks our product dashboard and API integrations. Now when my product checks in I cannot determine the TeamViewer ID of the host computer so our support tools cannot link to it.

    I beginning to get the sense that TeamViewer doesn't actually want it's customers to rely on their product unless they have physical access to the machine. That makes buying a remote support tool from them pointless. I'll have to start shopping for a replacement.

  • I opened a ticket and TeamViewer is working on this:

    Dear Customer,

    Thank for your message and apologies for my late reply.

    This has been identified as a bug from our developers and they're at work to restore the situation so that the needed .reg key will be included with the installations for the next release.

    Thank you for your patience, I will inform you as soon as this will be tackled.

    Best Regards

  • WijZijnDeIT
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    Lets hope it gets fixed real fast, cause this is really taking a toll on our company.

  • Naith
    Naith Posts: 6 ✭✭

    I doubt that it will be quick. I had also created a ticket and received the same response as GeoconsultSupport but even that took almost a week.

    Teamviewer is regressing lately, useful features like remote update or policies that used to allow automatic update of Hosts within the master version are being removed without notice.

    Also the documentation is getting worse and worse because it is interspersed with outdated information that no longer works.

    But obviously they don't care.

  • RickSanchez
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    Same issue here...

  • DanAm
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    same issue here, after install the latest version of TeamViewer.

  • WijZijnDeIT
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    It's in version 15.14.5 ( still waiting for update... )

    IT-LEMKEN Posts: 5 ✭✭

    It is not in version 15.14.5!

    I searched with the "old" ClientID HEX code, but nowhere to find!

    I believe that for security reasons the ClientID was removed. Only when the ClientID is back again, I believe what the support has written to you as an answer.

  • SMP_IT
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    I've received confirmation from support, that the registry key was removed intentionally for "security reasons". I wonder what those reasons might possibly be, since I really don't see the point here...

  • Apache123
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    That's unbelievable.

    We have integrated TeamViewer into our software and read out this ID.

    How should that work now? Our customers should not have access to Windows or other applications.

  • SMP_IT
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    Good news everyone! :D

    Just received another message from support:

    "Hope this email finds you well.

    I'm afraid there has been a misunderstanding in the communication from our side concerning the issue you've reported. Apologies for that.

    This started to be an issue since the last release, it was identified as a bug and fixed with the next release, 15.15.4, which is scheduled to be out by the end of the month.

    You may currently try the Insider Build version (What are TeamViewer insider builds?) as it already addresses the problem, with the key ClientID being correctly generated.

    For any further comment or help needed please let me know

    We can of course keep this ticket open up until the official release so that you can confirm it's all solved."

    IT-LEMKEN Posts: 5 ✭✭

    The ID is in




    I wrote a powershell script that extracts the ID from rolloutfile.tv13 and writes it to a system variable. AssifnmentData.json is not available on all clients.

    IT-LEMKEN Posts: 5 ✭✭

    CliendID Key is back again.

    15.15.5 is released.