Enterprise installation is an old version?

Our Security team has asked us to ensure that all TeamViewer installations are above version 15.8.

I am uninstalling all old version and asking users to request version 15 from ConfigMgr SW center.

Our old installation is based on the Enterprise .msi installer and importing a .reg file to set the client up properly with license etc. The old installation installs TV 15.0.8397

I wanted to update that installation and asked our license team to provide the latest -msi installer as I don't have an account to do so myself.

The file they provided appears to be identical to the one we got last year - i.e. it is still installing version 15.0.8397.

Noticing this, I asked the License team to provide the l latest file but they assure me that that is the latest version?

Is this really correct and if so - How do I ensure that the existing installations are upgraded to at least 15.8?

It seems to be possible to run the normal installer .exe file unattended op top of the existing Enterprise installation, but that is kind of inelegant.


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  • MadsB
    MadsB Posts: 2

    Hi Esther,

    Thanks for the quick answer - I'll ask our Licensing team again to actally provide the latest .msi installer.