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TV 15 and Terminal Server 2012 R2 (RemoteApp)

I have a 2012 R2 Terminal Server that client connect to using the RemoteApp functionality.  The CPA installed the free version of TV 15 so he can access the server every quarter.

The issue is this, when each user opens a connection to the server using RemoteApp, it fires off another process of TeamViewer in the client session.  I do not want TV to be ran or accessed via any of these sessions, I should only be used to access the cosole of the system alone.

Is there a registry key that can be deleted/modified that will prevent it from being started up each time an end user connects?



  • Haijo
    Haijo Posts: 1 Newbie


    Was there a solution for the above? I have this issue also and with TV15 the Terminal server runs really slow and have had to remove TV. Can we install TV15 so that it only runs in the server console session?