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Ubuntu 20.04 remote control mobile

I have installed teamviewer_15.11.6_amd64.deb in an Ubuntu 20.04 desktop computer and I want to remote control an android mobile.

Installation of TV Quicksupport on Android without of  any issues. Everything seems to be fine except no window of the mobile screen is shown on the linux desktop after confirming the connection on the mobile.

The Ubuntu computer runs Xorg.

Any hint apreciated.

Btw the other way around remote control ubuntu desktop from mobile is working fine.



  • I have the same problem, i can't connect to my tvbox or to my mobile from my pc running linux mint or ubuntu. Using the same pc running windows, I can connect them whitout problem. 

  • Same problem here.

    I'm using TV Quicksupport on mobile phones but I only can remote control from other android phones, not from my Ubuntu 20.04 PC.

    As soon as I establish the connection it drops.

    In my log file it's written:

    Carrier[27]::CmdEndSession(): Received CMD_ENDSESSION with reason: UserDisconnect

    even if I did not touc the phone.

    Please developers solve this frustrating issue!

    Thanks in advance

  • tedchina
    tedchina Posts: 1

    Me too with TeamViewer ver. 15.12.4 on Ubuntu 20.04.

    Ubuntu TV indicates "authenticating ..." when Android TV QS pops up the allowance dialogue. However Ubuntu TV quickly turns to idle "Ready to connect (secure connection)" before or after I confirms on Android.

    Everything works fine in the same network environment if I connects from a Win10 TV.

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