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No Route Allowed to huawei - Android 7

Trying to acess Huawei mobile with Android 7.1 from a one plus with Android 10 / from a laptop application. But i'm getting Error NoRoute Allowed. I installed team viewer app + QUicksupport App for Android 7 in Huawei mobile. Still no luck. Please suggest . Below is error if i try from laptop.


5580 S0 CreateClassicSession::Start: RequestRoute request BCommand: RequestRouteRequestDataControlID= ConnectionMode=1 ActionId=0 LicensedRemoteAccessType=0 ClientType=TV TargetId=**Please do not post TeamViewer IDs** RAApiData=00000000 RAApiKey=000TVVersion:15.11.6 MID:v20200706b89a2a2a5edbb89a2a2a59a2a2a5edbc238be9811aa9a1c490b67ffa43efb6f<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~0dd0c5b4e712d7cef7750d93b4e6b006 ClientId:**Please do not post TeamViewer IDs** PreferredRouter: TerminalServerUserId:0 SourceId:**Please do not post TeamViewer IDs** SmartAccessData Access=0 Account=0 TargetBuddy=0 PaswwordMD5HashB64Enc= SessionSecret=00000000 SessionId=0 LicenseCode= SupportsLimiter=1 CBFeatures=[UseCaseCB_MVP]
2020/11/21 11:47:00.717 12392 3604 S0 CreateClassicSession::HandleRequestRouteResponse(): Response: [email protected]= Timeout=0 TranserRate=0 ActionId=0 PassiveUserId=0 UsedLicenseType=0 IsClientReportingStatistics=0 TimeoutMessage=0 LimitedStreamTypes=0 StreamBandwidth=0 StreamLimitString= LicenseFeatureSetActive=[Uninitialized] LicenseFeatureSetPassive=[Uninitialized] DomainName= BlockZoneRemainingTime=0 PassiveUserPublicKey=00000000 CommercialBlockerOffender=Unknown NoSessionMessages
2020/11/21 11:47:00.717 12392 3604

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