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(There may be some mistakes in the translation. We are Korean users.)

We have been using'Team Viewer' remote support service for about a year ago.

However, I want to terminate the contract because I don't think I can use the remote support service anymore.

But recently, we received a bill for'Team Viewer' by email.

In our prediction, the period written in'Payment/Status, Payment' seems to be the deadline for paying the amount of the service used from the last year.

First of all, we currently have to pay for the remote support service from the last year, but we do not need to use the remote support service for the next year, so we have to cancel the next contract without canceling.

If so, please let me know as soon as possible what to do.

It is because tomorrow is the expiration date of the payment period.

We would be even more grateful if the managers of'Team Viewer' send them to our email.

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    I posted the post in the way you posted it. Above is the ticket address link.

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    Perfect ?

    My colleagues from the Korean market will handle it and answer you within the ticket. 

    Thank you for your patience and all the best,

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