TeamViewer 9 & 10 End-of-Life



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    Please add me to your list as well.

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    Include me on the list as well... I bought teamviewer 6, they upgraded me to teamviewer 9 and then they revoked my official license. it was a lifetime license. Now i have to buy or cannot use anymore. it worked fine.

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    So many are concerned about the perpetual license issue and it would be helpful to share a permanent solution to those users.

    We keep receiving emails to pay and upgrade when we already have a valid license, which by the way will stop working soon as I understood.

    What is the right thing to do before losing the access and make it end abruptly without notice.

    Thank you for this thread.

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    Please count me in on class action.

    This is pure deceit.

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    I get frequent emails from sales representatives in regard of my perpetual license, I will share here the last one and my reply to him:


     I first would like to say thank-you for being a legacy customer of ours! We wanted to touch base with you and make sure you are getting the most out of your license.

    Is there a price or feature that is preventing you from moving forward with updating your license? If so, great news, did you know our legacy customers get significant discounts for life? This is a way for us to say thanks for your past investment and give you a break on the pricing. Is this something you'd be interested in moving forward with?

    Are you aware of the Remote Management features that we offer?

    Please let me know if you'd like for information on these additional features or to help get your license up to date.


    My reply:

    Hi James,

     I receive frequent emails with same content but from different senders in your company and every time I try to explain the situation but get no response!

    At this point I will help you understand my point of view about this whole process of trying to cancel my Perpetual license to transform it into a yearly subscription by paying all over again.

    If you bought a car from its dealer few years back and you paid fully for it then suddenly the dealer contacts you again to tell you that your car needs to be paid again every month or year because his company regulations have changed and even though it will include maintenance, you will end up paying every year the same amount you paid to buy your car, how would you feel about that?

    Won’t you think it is unbelievable, unfair and illegal?

    Now that you know how I feel, I can understand that there can be some yearly maintenance to keep things updated and in order but it should not exceed 5% of the product’s cost.

    I don’t use TV frequently but I still need it to be operational and I will never get on such high priced subscription.

    So like I already proposed to your colleagues before you, you need to stop asking for more money from the companies who helped you survive before and start asking for a minimum amount from ALL users before downloading the product in order to get a balanced and fair income from everyone.

    If that is out of question and cannot be discussed then I will become just a regular user and use the free version like most people do but this doesn’t mean it will end here because I still feel I have been treated (and I am not the only one) unfairly and I personally thing this an illegal way to get back on your feet as you are forgetting what the word PERPETUAL means.

    Please copy this to the management.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Ronnnn! This is a very nice reply. I will use it also! Thank you!

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    What is you known about the lawsuit, ? I have a "perpetual" license since 2012, I would like to join the lawsuit, from Venezuela

    en Español.

    ¿Qué se sabe de la demanda? Tengo licencia "perpetua" desde 2012, me gustaría unirme a la demanda, desde Venezuela