TeamViewer 9 & 10 End-of-Life



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    I spend around [The price has been removed as per the community guidelines.] for a lifetime TeamViewer 10 Corporate license, please Include me in law suite as well.

  • Waseem_Raja
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    Include me in any law suite as well. The fact is TV set the terms for the license and should honor it. Period.

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    I am also interested in participating in the lawsuit, it seems to me a lack of respect from Teamviwer, wanting to end a license that sells in a pertinent way

  • INTEK_Jim
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    I purchased version 9 and then upgraded to version 10 Corporate License - four channels - and now what? 1 June 2021 and my license turns off. Sign me up for Class Action.

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    I too, purchased v9 on Oct 16, 2014, and then upgraded to v10 after few months or so based on unlimited "forever" license notion. This is very disappointing....

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    We too purchased a "Perpetual" license for teamviewer back in 2015.

    As per the terms and conditions that we agreed to, specifically:

    • TeamViewer guarantees that the server will be available and usable with the purchased version for a period of at least 10 years after purchase. If the transmission protocol changes in the meantime, an update will be provided to the customer free-of-charge if it is mandatory for further use.

    I'll be looking forward to my free upgrade to whatever supersedes it, hopefully prior to the TV10 servers being taken down.

    Also happy to join any UK/EU Lawsuits, as this certainly falls foul of the sales of goods act, if not others too.

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    German way to business is really strange, please add me to the class action.

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    Please include me in any law suite !



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    Include me in any law suite as well. Also, if I have to go to the subscription model, there are cheaper alternatives (Del ....) and they work very well

  • JJAA
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    Very bad surprise !

    No information about any existing security concern, assuming they will not appearby june 2021.

    No information about an upgrade cost to a further stronger (11...) version in perpetual licence mode.

    This is violent.

    Without satisfying answers to come you can count me in.

    Jean-Jacques Astier

  • F_Wach
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    I'd bough TeamViewer 9 and TeamViewer 10 lifetime license thereafter.

    Since I understood, that TeamViewer is continually phasing out the older versions and creating a new one, every year, I have uninstalled the whole thing in 2019.

    I'm also very disappointed, but not suprised though, that TeamViewer is phasing a lifetime license out after a couple of years.

    I'm using different software now and I will never return to TeamViewer again.


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    Yup count me in ;-).

    Think everything is said already.

    Did buy TV8 upgraded ones to 9 and stop as this seemed an yearly way of making money by teamviewer.

    They made it in a way that versions are incompatible to work together that annoyed me for years ...

    and now just send me an popup... O sorry will stop support for this product.

    Now if anyone has something cheaper for 1 or 3 use cases per month to support family and friends..

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    PLEASE Include us in any CLASS ACTION LAW SUITE. The fact is TV set the terms for the license and should honor it. Period. When I purchased my license I was told that it was perpetual, as in "forever". Purchased TV 2010 license in 2015. Lifetime license was much more that the annual license and they also said all future updates were included. They have caused many problems for us due to putting the UPDATE feature on the exit from TV and clients not understanding the consequences update and we have to go to the site to UNINSTALL 2015 and REINSTALL 2010 so we can continue our support and also so we can continue to transfer files. THIS IS REDICULOUS that TV feels they can ram a new version down our throat's, by discontinuing our LIFETIME PURCHASE WHICH WAS TO INCLUDE THE UPDATES. TeamViewer needs to honor their commitment and UPGRADE EXISTING LIFETIME PURCHASERS AS THEY ASK US TO AGREE TO WHEN WE PURCHASED THE PRODUCT.

  • EAR_Davide_Amelio

    Add me to the list...bad companies must lose customers

  • allev1919
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    This announcement caught me by surprise and is totally outrageous!

    I purchased a TeamViewer license in 2014 with the full understanding that my license would be valid forever.

    I will call TeamViewer to discuss this matter. Perhaps wiser heads will prevail at TeamViewer and they will decide to honor their commitments.

    If TeamViewer is not willing to be honest and fair, I will pursue other remedies.

  • enz98
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    Hello, I also purchased a perpetual license in 2015. This is ridiculous how these big corporations take advantage of small businesses. Please include me in all class action law suits and I am ready to start “GoFundMe” type to help start this lawsuit. 

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    TeamViewer is BREAKING their contract with those of us who purchased LIFETIME LICENSES.

  • Ugo02
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    Se solo provate a chiudere la mia licenza TW Premium 2 canali vi ripagherò con la stessa identica moneta:

    • mettendo un blocco totale a TeamViewer su tutte le reti e domini che gestisco
    • diffusione a gogo di prodotti vs. concorrenti ad una frazione di costo (es. **Information removed as per Community Guidelines**)

    Chi ha acquistato regolare licenza perpetua deve avere la possibilità di continuare ad usarla oppure di effettuare l'upgrade senza che diventi un abbonamento perpetuo.

    Siete diventati troppo arroganti ed esosi per i miei gusti.


    If you just try to close my TW Premium 2 channel license I will pay you back with the exact same coin:

    • putting a total block to TeamViewer on all networks and domains I manage
    • widespread diffusion of competitor products at a fraction of the TW cost (eg **Information removed as per Community Guidelines**)

    Those who have purchased a regular perpetual license must have the possibility to continue using it or to upgrade without it becoming a perpetual subscription.

    You have become too arrogant and greedy for my taste.

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    Add me to the list. Purchased full perpetual corporate license of TeamViewer v5 in January 2010. Later they made me upgrade for free to newer version 9 that is how it should be since i paid for a lifetime license.

    Now asking me for a free trial upgrade to v15 then should pay again a monthly fee? is that even legal?

  • Primetec
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    Please, count me for a class action law suit!

  • R22Flyer
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    Me too purchased, 6 Years ago with a lifetime use,

    Been customer since version 4 upgraded everytime till version 10 when it was a monthly fee

    Refund for mis-sold version 9

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    Count me in! I purchased TeamViewer 10 in Dec. 2014, I'm self-employed and cannot afford their overpriced subscription.

    Their competition charges half price and even Microsoft's subscription costs 99 USD YEARLY or the most expansive business subscription: 20 USD per user monthly.

  • avariadakis
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    No, i can not accept this policy. You can not discontinue a product changing at the same time your business model. 

    My license is perpetual. All you want is to tranfer us to your new subscription model. I do not agree. 

  • RonyNQN
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    I´m also interested in a class action lawsuit. Add me to the list.

    I want to be part of this Class Action lawsuit

    Desde Argentina, agreguenme a la lista para iniciar acciones legales tambien

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    I'm interested in class action lawsuit too (I'm a v10 user, 2015). I called them today and the person I spoke with said they would send an email to their management but as far as he knows it wasn't an option to continue or just be upgraded to v11. They are still supporting v11, so I told him to just upgrade me one version, I don't need v15. He said he would email me but it didn't sound like he was optimistic about getting a positive response.

    He said, "we'll, if I calculate the years you have used the software based on what you paid, it comes to $XXX so we'll work with you on the subscription price to match what your yearly price was." I said, I don't think so, I bought a "Perpetual" license, which means ongoing/forever for the price I paid. If there are security concerns and the software I have can't be patched to make it secure, then you should upgrade to the next secure version for free.

    It highly unethical to build a business based on a forever license and then force you to switch to a subscription once they have a huge user base.

  • allev1919
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    I just spoke with a TeamViewer representative. She told me that as long as I upgrade before June 21, 2021, I can move from my current TeamViewer version 9 to version 13 under the same terms of my original perpetual license. She said that it would not be necessary for me to buy a new license.

    However, I manage a small business network with about 70 PC's on remote access under version 9. It will take me many hours to install version 13 for all of those clients. I try to keep my clients happy with reasonable fees, but I will have to charge each of them for my time to make this change. I wonder if I can instead send one single large bill to TeamViewer. Would they be happy to pay me for my time?

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    Это возмутительный поступок со стороны компании Team Viewer! Если компания не может или не хочет поддерживать 9 и 10 версию, то тем клиентам которые купили "бессрочную" лицензию они должны предоставить поддерживаемую версию на тех же условиях. Я подписываюсь под коллективным иском.

    This is an outrageous act on the part of Team Viewer! If a company is unable or unwilling to support versions 9 and 10, then those customers who have purchased a "perpetual" license must provide the supported version under the same conditions. I am signing a class action lawsuit.

  • Frederico_Cardoso
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    Please keep us informed about the solution. The emrpesa Team viewer attendants are requiring subscription or will be providing an update to version 13 or 15, keeping it as Perpetual, without having to pay per month or year.

    To all who read, please enter the official Facebook page so that they can pay special attention to this case, as I am alone there on the Facebook fanpage.

    Tradução para o Português Brasil:

    Por favor, nos mantem informados sobre a solução. Os atendentes da emrpesa Team viewer estão exigindo assinatura ou vão estar disponibilizando uma atualização para a versão 13 ou 15, mantendo como Perpétua, sem precisar pagar por mês ou ano.

    A todos que lerem, por favor entre na página oficial lá do facebook para que eles possam dar uma atenção especial a este caso, pois eu estou sozinho lá na fanpage do facebook. 

  • TheSoftwareHandyman
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    I too purchased my "Lifetime" license in 2014. It was just after **Information removed as per Community Guidelines** went from free to **Information removed as per Community Guidelines**/machine. I thought this was the way to go, even though really expensive for my small business (just me, only handfull of clients and family members), I figured since it was a lifetime fee, it was worth it.  This is similar to what **Information removed as per Community Guidelines** did, with a huge difference as we PAID for the license, **Information removed as per Community Guidelines** was free.

    I don't think I can afford or justify the new pricing plan for my small business. At the $**Information removed as per Community Guidelines**/month they are currently asking, it is almost the same price as what I paid one time for my "Lifetime" license now billed every year. Just can not accept that bill.

    This is just wrong.

    Count me in as another unhappy customer. I'd be interested in any class action suit as well.

  • herbert_bonaffini
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    Dear TeamViewer members,

    we are preparing a class action to be presented directly to untitrust autority,

    if you are interested you can send me a message to my email (which you can find by clicking above on my contact: herbert_bonaffini => view profile).

    Best Regards

    Herbert Bonaffini


    Torino (ITALY)