TeamViewer 9 & 10 End-of-Life



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    Well, i patiently wait for @Esther to come here with an overcoming solution, to those like who payed for a TV10 perpetual licence, plus an extra to install it on more than 1 PC, i played a lot for a perpetual licence and a lot more to be able to install it on 2 PCs, and now they want to leave me with nothing, so, and at the actual situation of NO response from TV team i am ready to start a Law Suit in my country and i am ready to enter on any Global Class Action too! My patience is over!

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    Has anyone in the US started the class action lawsuit yet?

    A year or two ago TV turned off their web portal and mobile app for us permanent license holders which was an extreme problem. I was on vacation with my family when I found this out and had no way to support my customer.

    Businesses are suffering and there's no way I can survive with their transition to monthly fees...even though we paid a large sum upfront.

    Even upgrading existing customers to newer versions of TV will be a huge problem if it requires someone onsite and it can't be done remotely by me through the existing TV Version 9.

    My customers system do not have a keyboard or mouse available and no one technical. They are all located out of state.

    This change will destroy my business.

    Team Viewer should be ashamed of themselves for doing this to customers and trying to force customers to move to paying subscription based fee's. I would never do that to my customers. While I don't expect any new funtionality, i do expect the software to continue to operate the same as the day I purchased it.

    This is an obvious move to force customers into a recurring revenue model.

    I will be moving to another software (while joining this class action) as I care not to send my money to a company with this unethical business philosophy.

    **Information removed as per Community Guidelines**

  • P_MODI
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    When we bought this license, it was sold as perpetual and I hope that the meaning of perpetual is known to the seller and therefore it can not be withdrawn.

    Totally unethical and we will look for alternatives and as soon as we find one , we will never turn back to teamviewer

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  • Rutsagig
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    I started as a freelancer in 2014 and I payed the big ammount of TV perpetual price with no little effort, and shortly after I even paid again to use it on an extra PC.

    This is not fair play.

    You can add me in any Class Action law suit against TV.

  • Khanman
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    My company purchased a business license back in 2014 for TV 10. The licensing agreement specified:

    5. Server availability

    ·        For the proper use of the TeamViewer software the availability of the TeamViewer master server may be necessary. TeamViewer GmbH will take measures to ensure a high availability of the server. However, it is not possible to guarantee an uninterrupted availability.

    ·        TeamViewer guarantees that the server will be available and usable with the purchased version for a period of at least 10 years after purchase. If the transmission protocol changes in the meantime, an update will be provided to the customer free-of-charge if it is mandatory for further use.

    I have already consulted our legal department and would like further information regarding a potential class action lawsuit.

  • fresco2
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    Longtime customer here, very disgusted as well.

    Just received a mail from the legal department which basically says that the lifetime license is really only a 10-year license.

    I wonder how this will hold up in court...

    Oh, btw:

    [quote]Pursuing the goal of delivering the best quality, highest security, and fastest connections possible, server services for legacy TeamViewer versions 9 and 10 will be discontinued effective June 1, 2021. [/quote]

    cut the **bleep**, the only goal you guys are pursuing here is $$

  • billyhomy
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    Please kindly add me in as well. The license agreement actually wrote in very clear and that why I do purchase it. Thank you very much.

  • bernie_McDaniel
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    Add me to the list for the class action lawsuit, I also bought the corporate license and don't need a monthly charge to use it. They should just honor what they've sold us.

  • kramernet
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    I paid for a license to use this software basically forever as Teamviewer stared upon purchase. Support and updates 10 years If you shut me down I will pursue legal action. I have plenty of time to spend on this issue.. BTW Great idea cut off remote during a pandemic. Shameful

  • KenC19
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    Count me in for a class action lawsuit

  • claytontechhere
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    Please include me as well.

  • AlessioADV
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    Yes i have read that in my contract and this is the incontrovertible true! we have signed and we have payed for this contract! This action is illegal because we all together firm in a one big class action versus teamviewer, this will be a common battle for defend our rights!

    if they understand... well! if they don't understand...will pay for the damages caused to all our activities!!! Dear teamviewer wake up!!!

  • CatoshiNakamoto
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    This is a disgrace. Please include me as well.

  • Outrage
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    If only I lived in the US ,,, you could include me in a class action as well ,,, but I live in Australia so I will take legal action against their subsiduary in Australia called TEAMVIEWER PTY LTD ,,,, actually more than legal action ,,, a few other issues I have found about them that need investigating. The good news is that it will not cost me a dollar.

    I will be ready to go on the 18th when i get back from my holidays if I have not got some "good news" from these TV crooks in my inbox by 18th

  • JFBurk
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    Has anyone heard back from TV on this? Remember last year they gave all users of v.5 - 7 free upgrades to v.9...

    If no one else has started contacting legal firms to gauge interest, I'll start asking around. This is intolerable; it's the most expensive software I've bought for my business and I can't afford an upgrade.

    Jon B

  • Outrage
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    I also recommend TV 9 & 10 users DO NOT UPDATE TO TV 15 as per their "trial offer" from January 19. This will be their "trap" as you will most likely be accepting T & C's that you may not be aware of by updating and taking the "trial offer to 1 June".

    Stay on your current version and fight !!

  • Frederico_Cardoso
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    In the middle of a pandemic, the company wants to kick our rear. We believe in the company, share the link for other friends to buy, and that is how we are grateful for the company. I hope that in January I will receive some e-mail for the update free of charge and with no commitment to sign any type of subscription, because I bought the perpetual license and paid a lot, even more because I live in Brazil, I had to work miracles and get the value .

    Tradução, português brasil:

    Em plena pandemia, a empresa quer dar um chute em nossa retaguarda. A gente acredita na empresa, compartilha o link para outros amigos comprarem, e é assim que somos agradecidos pela empresa. Espero que em Janeiro eu receba algum e-mail para a atualização sem custos e sem compromisso de assinar qualquer tipo de assinatura, pois comprei a licença perpétua e paguei muito caro, ainda mais porque moro no Brasil, tive que fazer milagre e obter o valor.

  • KlausHahn
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    Please remember all the German customers in your class action as well.

    As Teamviewer is a german company think about starting this class action within German laws.

    Please include me or contact me in your actions.



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    We to purchased the lifetime "TeamViewer 10 Premium" in june 2015 Invoice No. [The personal info and price has been removed as per the community guidelines.]

    that was alot of money for a small bussiness to come up with, but felt the reputation of the company made it worth it....Maybe we were wrong..

    We feel this move by teamview is wrong ...and would gladly join in any class action lawsuit that may arise if no solution is found for those who in good faith purchased a lifetime solution

  • TZott
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    Please count me in on any class action files in the US. Thank you.

  • DanielBerlin
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    im customer since v4.

    i upgraded two times (4=>6 and 6=>7) with payment because of needed new features.

    On all service-shutdowns later, i become the next last working version.

    so, on shutdown v7, i become v9 for free. (old v7 serial works with v9)

    now, on shutdown v9 i become free upgrade to v12. (was informed by email from teamviewer)

    for me, it's ok - i dont't need new functions, only a working version.

    so, always look deep in new licenses before you agree them. (like "change from lifetime to 10years" i have read in this thread)

    I hope you have been informed about the upgrade in the meantime or you just missed the part in the mail.

    best regards,


  • KGI
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    I've only been offered the trial version 15 so far.

  • DanielBerlin
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    My mail of December 21. in German says:


    What this means for you

    On January 19, 2021, everyone who owns a TeamViewer 9 license will receive an upgrade to TeamViewer 12.

    We will also offer you a free trial of TeamViewer 15 starting January 19, 2021. The trial period is valid until December 31, 2022, giving you plenty of time to try everything out.


    I guess maybe you have another license or the info will still come in a separate mail.

  • Adrian_247
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    January 2nd 11am UK Time.

    Teamviewer 9 which was going to last until June is now not working and tells me I have to upgrade to V15 and buy a licence.

    What happened to the lifetime licence ?


  • KGI
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    We're on Version 10 though. I'm not why that should make any difference when we purchased the perpetual license.

  • FierceOne
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    Count me in. 5.5 years into a corporate perpetual license @ [Price has been removed as per the community guidelines]. This is illegal, dishonest, and should be considered theft. Do the math, the investment return point is after 6 years. Clear bait and switch, good luck trying to legally defend all the lies and fake promises TV made around “perpetual” licensing. Amid a pandemic no less, way to keep it classy!

  • TechNYC
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    Wow... just wow. Teamviewer is obviously treating licensees from Germany differently than licensees from other countries.

  • TechNYC
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    Like many of you, I am waiting patiently until after the holidays (which is tomorrow) to see how Teamviewer intends to address our grievances regarding their breach of agreement and frankly their breach of our trust.

    Up until now, all of our complaints have been kept private within the Teamviewer Community Forum. I do not intend to keep my feedback limited to this forum. Going forward I will be filing official complaints with applicable authorities and voicing my concerns publicly in a number of ways and on a variety of platforms. I will do everything in my power to make sure that any potential Teamviewer customer is aware of Teamviewer's unethical business practices and I will do so using the hashtag #TeamviewerLies. I suggest that you all do the same and also use the hashtag #TeamviewerLies.

    1) I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau in the USA to file an official complaint and I will post a public review on the BBB website outlining Teamviewer's business practices.

    2) I will be filing a complaint with the United States Federal Trade Commission

    3) I will be filing a complaint with the econsumer dot gov website

    4) I will be Tweeting at Teamviewer once a day about their egregious behavior, publicly for all to see, using the hashtag #TeamviewerLies. This is easily automated using a Twitter client app on your phone, so it doesn't even require that much time or effort... set it and forget it. Imagine if Teamviewer had hundreds of these unique tweets daily... it would be pretty difficult for anyone to ignore.

    5) I will be posting publicly on Teamviewer's Facebook page daily as well using the hashtag #TeamviewerLies. Imagine if Teamviewer had hundreds of such Facebook posts daily coming from unique Facebook users... it would be pretty difficult to ignore.

    6) I will be posting a public review on the Sitejabber website... the more reviews that get posted, the better.

    7) I will be posting a public review on the Trustpilot website

    8) I will be starting a public thread on Reddit where anyone/everyone can post their experience with Teamviewer

    I am open to additional ideas and suggestions. Considering the unethical nature of Teamviewer's behavior, I don't feel that it is wrong to use all legal means at my disposal to call Teamviewer out and pressure them to do the right thing, as well as make the public (and any potential new customers) aware of the way Teamviewer does business.