Unable to use TeamViewer on Mac after license has expired - error occurred retrieving your license

I had a TeamViewer license with my previous employer and used my personal Mac to provide support. I now wish to use TeamViewer again, initially on the free version for my own server, but I'm unable to sign into an account due the the following error popping up every 10 seconds.

An error occurred while retrieving your license. Please restart the application or contact our support.

Uninstalling both automatically and manually hasn't helped, same error appears, and logging in to the web portal doesn't give me any answers. I have seen similar questions asked but the answers are simply "contact support" which I can't do as I don't yet have a full license.



  • Fiona_G
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    Hi @Danl80,

    Thank you for your post.

    This message indicates

    • you have an overdue invoice on your TeamViewer account; or
    • your device was recently used to establish a TeamViewer connection using an account with an overdue invoice.

    As you don't have a license now, it's most likely the second case. Please contact the person who owns the account that was used on your device, and ask them to pay the overdue invoice so you can use TeamViewer on your device again. For more information, please kindly check out

    We hope the information above would be helpful.

    Best regards,


  • Danl80
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    Hold on... so I can’t use TeamViewer on this device ever again because the company who owned the account hasn’t paid? How does that work for me as an ex employee who might need it somewhere else?

    Can it be reset please? I’d like to use Teamviewer and will probably use the paid version at some point.

  • Ryan_Azar
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    oh that's rich, so we're supposed to contact our previous employer and ask them to pay you? what are we your collection agency... this is absurd.

    what you can do is just revert the accounts to free versions, and when the person that we are no longer affiliated with pays up, he can start adding his employees over again instead of this.

    I just use Teamviewer to access my home computer, a free license is all I need for now.

  • Ryan_Azar
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    all in all thank you, I don't think that you will reply to my previous comment, I did appreciate Team viewer's services all these years, it did make certain things easier, and if this is how you want to handle your issues, I can respect that and look for help elsewhere.

    thank you for your time.