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Purchased 3 Computer License-Cannot connect to them

I've been working on reading, videos, sending tickets to rectify all the problems I have had since I signed up for the 3 computer remote access. I've now spent about a week trying to get this license working. I only received and activation email, I have never seen an actual license number. This is the most consistent popup. So far, I feel completely scammed. The program is not operating as it was advertised and that is illegal. Yes, class action suits will come with this type of unprofessionalism. Fix the **I like TeamViewer** licenses, resend, reanimate, whatever...


  • I too need assistance with getting my licenses working. Waited on hold for three hours today. Started as #4 in que and when I finally got to #1 got disconnected due to high volume.

    I have 2 computers I want to access remotely. I do not understand how I have reached my limit

    Any help is appreciated


  • Fiona_G
    Fiona_G Posts: 689 Staff member 🤠

    Hi @valbo and @stephenworkmanpc,

    With a Remote Access plan, you can remotely access 3 assigned computers or servers. Also, you can purchase 3 additional endpoint devices anytime. In case one of your licensed devices needs to be replaced, every month we provide you with one license move per device that is included in your plan. If you need to change the devices more frequently, add devices regularly or connect to multiple devices, Remote Access is not the right fit for your use case. In that case, we recommend having a look at the other license solutions TeamViewer is offering. You can find more information regarding this topic here

    To appropriately activate your Remote Access license, please refer to

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