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Protection against social hacking

Hi all,

I'm in the retail business and my company encompasses about 10 POS. Teamviewer is installed on all PC's, from the office to the POS, so that we can have access to help when there's a problem (we always connect from within the domain, and we have VPN configured inbetween the different locations).

Now I'm afraid that some hackers could gain access to one of these machines by calling an employee on the phone and asking for the Teamviewer ID and pass.

How can I prevent this situation to happen?

How can I configure Teamviewer so that either the Teamviewer ID and pass are hidden, or that external connections are deactivated?

Is there a way to configure 1 Master PC and all the others would be Slave PC's that could only be reached from the master but not from anyother PC?

Thanks for your help.

Happy New Year!