Lobby computer with video

We have a thin client that drives a display in our lobby. I need to be able to remote into that computer and update the presentation video from time to time. The WMV file runs in Windows Media Player and needs to run full screen. I can connect to the lobby computer with TeamViewer without issue and update the files as required.

The issue is whenever, I close the TeamViewer session, the video that was playing full screen in the TeamViewer session drops out of full screen and displays in a window. I need that to remain full screen after I close the session. We've been using TV v8 for years and it worked with that version, but now that we use the most current version, it doesn't....or does it and I don't know the trick?

Thanks in advance!


  • kugumby
    kugumby Posts: 2

    Now it's working and leaving the video full screen. It wasn't the other day.