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Get them to stop

I have been getting repeated, to the point of harassment emails from TV for a bill for a product we do not use. I purchased and paid the 1st year but within weeks I had issued with licensing and stability to a point if was questionable whether it was worth the time. After wasting much time, I finally got a live person and they eventually resolved the licensing issue... but by then it was too late. I made it clear to the person we would not use this and would can dump it.

We had not used it in 10 months and then I get a bill for a year renewal that I immediately tried to reach support to tell them we do use, have not used and will not use this and therefore this should be cancel.

You cannot email support and when you get some email to work, no response. I have called and get **bleep** around..... really??!! who would want to do business with this company?

They say they sent a renewal reminder. I scanned my email box and do not see it. But no way are we paying for a product we do not use.

How do I get them to stop


  • JeanK
    JeanK Posts: 3,325 Moderator
    edited January 26

    Hello @WastedMyTime01,

    We are very sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with us.

    But thank you for posting your feedback. It helps a lot to identify improvement fields.

    All the best,


    French Community Moderator
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