I got a bill from a credit party even though I don't use TV - Do I realy have to pay??

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I've been using TV for several years now, and a couple years ago I decided to pay for a remote license, which I used only for 1 year until Corona started to ruin my career. I decided to not renew my TV account as I did not need it anymore for work.

However, stupid me did not notice that apparently if I want to cancel my subscription i have to send a personal email to TV? - (What kind of cancelation policy is this by the way? Why isn't there just a 'cancel license' button on my account?)

So, until today, I received several warning emails from TV that my account will be blocked and terminated if I don't pay the renewal - which to me was good because I didn't want to continue anyway.

This resulted in breaking the user agreement, which resulted in me receiving a fine of more than 200 EURO from TV's credit party......

I cannot pay for this! Plus, I haven't used TV ever since that year, so I did not exploit the software while not paying.... Is there any possibility for TV to forgive me for this? On a human level, I did a human error by not reading the terms correctly, which I am very sorry for - but I really don't think I should be thus punished for 200 EURO more, right? I understand if I was explicitly still using the license during my time of not paying, but I couldn't even use my account since it was blocked! Isn't that enough??

I tried calling the TV service center, and no one was willing to help me there, all of them just concluding that I am 'screwed' and that if I want some hope I should write a ticket here, hence why I am writing this!

I REALLY hope TV can forgive this case and set it aside as a 'human' error, regardless of whether I broke a small part of the terms and conditions... I would even be willing to pay a small amount of the total as a repercussion to my lousy mistakes, but NOT 200 EUROS.

I hope to get a positive, constructive response on this matter, unlike the 'robotic' calling service I have received through call.

Ivan de Wolf