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no audio in or out of Teamviewer

I'm running Windows 7 and I can not get audio into or out of TV, whether or not I'm the main computer or the remote one.  I've gone to the Options - Audio settings everything is fine there.  And I can click on the button and get a ding.  Was running TV v.12 uninstalled and went back to v.11, no change.  I'm lost as to what to try next.


  • tos9999
    tos9999 Posts: 8

    Still have not figured out what the problem is with TV.  Reloaded v.12, video workd fine coming and going.  I just have no audio either coming or going.  My drivers are fine.  This is a major inconvinence, or to put it bluntly the support here **bleep**!!!!  I'm sure I'm not the only use of either the free or paid product to have this problem.  You would think that TeamViewer would have a fix posted for this problem.

  • I usually have to click on the "headset"-icon and then click on "activate microphone" in the communication-menu, or maybe it's in tools. I do this every time and on both sides.

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