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Teamviewer not online when user is logged of (Win10) or on high cpu load


I have a strange problem with Teamviewer in Windows 10. The remote computer has an internet connection over wifi and Teamviewer is configured to accept local connections and connections over internet.

When the computer (A) is switched on, but the user hasn't logged in to Windows yet, the computer isn't visible in the list of computers in Teamviewer. However, I can access it via another computer (B) in the same network (Teamviewer over internet to computer B and Teamviewer over local network from computer B to computer A). The strange thing is, that computer B uses the same internet connection as computer A. When the TV connection to computer A is made, computer A also shows that it does have an active internet connection (even without logging in to Windows). (The local connection from computer B to computer A also uses the same wifi networkcard). So nothing seems to prevent a direct TV connection over internet to computer A.

When the user logs in to Windows on computer A, Teamviewer shows the computer as 'online' and a connection can be made directly to computer A.

A similar issue occurs when computer A is on high cpu load (close to 100%). Teamviewer now shows the computer as 'online' (most of the time), but a connection over internet cannot be made. An indirect TV connection (via internet to computer B and via LAN to computer A) does work again. When the load on computer A lowers, a normal TV connection over internet works again.

I don't know if licensing has impact on connection availability, but I have a Teamviewer Business license which I use for connecting to the computers over the internet (either to computer A or computer B). The local connection from computer B to computer A uses a 'free' license, because normally I wouldn't need such a strange construction.

It's a tedious process to always have to go through computer B for the initial connection, so I hope you can shed some light on the problem for me.

Thanks in advance for your answer!