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How can I change device password at runtime ?


I am managing 6500 teamviewer devices in production. The way teamviewer gets installed is through few dedicated Windows Images which automatically perform 3 actions at startup:

- install teamviewer

- import registry keys (where a password is alreay set)

- report teamviewer ID to a central management system to be paired with the device

The problem that i am facing is that someone recently took few temviewer IDs from teamviewer logs and knowing the teamviewer password, he was able to connect to those devices and take control.

In our sistem there is a unique ID for each device and based on that we can create a different teamviewer password. We created the algorithm to set the password and we have centralized scripting capabilities, however we don't know how to update the teamviewer password on the device.

How can we achieve that ?

Thank you.

Catalin Simion.

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