Two Factor Authentication Deactivation Issue


Firstly, I am a free licence user for my person devices.

I have 2FA enabled on my account, however the device I was using for Authenticator has been damaged, and is no longer available.

I have tried to disable using the recovery key for my account, which was generated when I setup 2FA (I e-mailed it to myself when I setup 2FA), however the deactivation process tells me that the recovery key is incorrect.

I can still access services for my trusted devices that are already signed in, however;

  • I couldn't sign in to communities to seek assistance, so had to create a new account to ask this question.
  • I can't get assistance over the phone, because I use a free licence for personal use.
  • I can't get assistance via web or e-mail channels, because I use a free licence for personal use.
  • I've reviewed the existing knowledge base articles, but am unable to follow them because the system doesn't recognise the recovery details

I am a technology decision maker for large enterprises through my business, and have access to a corporate key, which I obviously don't use because this is a personal account.

Is there truly no way to gain assistance with this issue, and therefore my only course of action is to move to a different product?

If this is reflective of the level of customer care you can expect from TeamViewer, why would I consider this when selecting technology tools for my enterprise customers?