Auto check/update TV host and full broken with MSI install.

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Is there any work around for this rather than manually pushing out new versions of TV when they become available? Since we moved over to MSI installation about 2 years ago, it's been a pain trying to keep everything updated with how often new versions become available.

I have tested scripts to install the EXE like we used to do however I cannot find a working switch/script to import the settings TVOPT file after or during the installation so then assigning our policy fails because it there is no "personal password" set. Unless I missed something, you cannot export a REG file anymore to import. It seems like it would make sense to fix the auto check/upgrade feature when using MSI so we don't have to mess around with the EXE anymore or manually push updates.

I have referenced this page but it seems to me that these improvements fix some things but break others which are useful!




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    Hello @JRG67,

    You can update all your clients to the latest version via TeamViewer policies.

    The policies you need to add are: 

    • Install new versions automatically with the parameter All updates (includes new major versions)
    • Check for new versions with the parameter Weekly

    You will find all the information you need about TeamViewer policies in our Knowledge Base article here: How to add a new settings policy 

    I hope this help! 🍀

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    Hello @JeanK ,

    We have that policy set but it has no effect and is blanked out in the actual end user Host and our IT group's Full installations.

    There is literally a blurb on this TV article that says:

    "💡Hint: The dropdown menu will be disabled in case TeamViewer has been installed via MSI roll out to allow that the versioning can be managed by the deployment tool."

    I do not know what the "deployment tool" is if it's something that is part of TV. If it's not something that is part of TV and it's referencing pushing out through GPO or SCCM, we don't do either of those. We use a desktop management program called N-Central and I literally have to push it out through that which is very cumbersome because I have to update my install batch file and monitor which computers fail and which are successful. All in all, it would be much easier if the settings with TV were enabled when using the MSI for it to update itself.