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My Teamviewer freezes after a few seconds i am connected on remote

lotar82 Posts: 1
edited May 5 in General Questions

I am using this sw since 7 years and i have never had any problem.

However, every time i connect in remote with another computer, the screen freezes and i can't do anything but close the connection.

I have followed several instruction from teamviewer forum from other users, but no change.

I have also discovered how hard is to contact teamviewer live chat and customer service in general, since i am not able to login from my account to the teamviewer community.

I am so disappointed (almost furious) and frustrated about this lack of availability from the teamviewer team that i wish i have never installed this sw on my computer 7 years ago, if i only new how unreliable the customer service was.

Hoping to send a message loud and clear and give also feedback to other user who wants to use this sw to make them understand what is the right thing to do... to not use it!

Best Regards


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