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Cancellation and Customer portal for Canada not working

hilgerph Posts: 3 ✭✭

So, I created a ticket to cancel my subscription (supposedly "7-day guarantee"), but got no confirmation whatsoever. Reading the terms of cancellation, it looks like you have to "return the license". Apparently to do that it seems you have to login into the customer portal. That's when things get interesting: it never works, I either get a server error or simply am sent back to the main page. Looking into the support pages, I discovered that Canada is not listed among the countries where this applies... Uh? So does that mean in Canada this is a SCAM?

I'm starting to consider the option to go and cancel the payment through the credit card company, unless I receive a confirmation that the cancellation is being processed within the next few days.

Add to this:

  • the initial delay in activating the license
  • the app crashing regularly on my host
  • the fact the product is far slower than competitors - when it works
  • the lack of quick response from support
  • the errors when logging to a supposed customer portal

Well, that makes for a disappointed customer. As a service company, we're definitely not going to recommend this product to our large Canadian and American clients.

If anyone is able to do anything to improve this situation, this is my support ticket: 34566179