TeamViewer not detecting display output of some applications on remote pc



For context, I have the latest versions of windows and TeamViewer on both the host and remote pc. Remote PC is a desktop that is plugged into a (turned off) monitor, with a separate GPU. Host PC is a generic dell laptop with no significant specs.

The problem I have is that TeamViewer does not detect output from some applications, but works fine with everything else (applications display only all-white or all-black windows). I know the apps are running correctly because (in my example) when I used discord to stream the application on a test call, discord was able to properly capture everything in the application as opposed to just a white / black square, and TeamViewer was able to properly capture discord on the remote pc. it only seems to happen with default fullscreen apps (even when switched to windowed) and/or with apps that require more gpu resources than my cheap host laptop can handle, although that doesn't make much logical sense - after all, that's the reason I'm trying to connect to a better pc lol.

Ive tried a variety of potential fixes including restarting the remote pc, changing resolution, reinstalling, refreshing screen, etc, all to no avail. Ive seen a post here that said the monitor might need to be on for TeamViewer to properly capture said applications, but that is proven as false since streaming from the remote pc reveals the applications work fine without the monitor being turned on, and be able to be properly captured as well.

For those who may try to replicate this issue, the applications in question that do not seem to work with TeamViewer tend to be games, or more specifically in my case it was warframe and league of legends.

Is there any solution to this issue?


5:41 PM