How do I manage the phase out of old Teamviewer versions?

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This is our situation...

Client devices have had TV9 installed for several years. There are lots of them out there. They're used in GUI kiosks and most users don't even know there's just a regular PC in it.

I service them remotely and run TV11 in order to keep my license compatible with theirs.

With the impending phase out of both of these versions, I'd like to start upgrading the field units. The issue is this... Once I update a field PC to TV15, I can't access it remotely from my PC until I update my PC to TV15. Once I update my PC to TV15, I can't log on to the rest of the field PCs due to my license no longer being compatible with TV9.

Is there a way that I could install TV11 and 15 on my local machine in order to update all of the field devices from TV9 to 15, as well as being able to service the TV15 client machines?

Thanks in advance.


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    Hello @remote6,

    You should still be able to connect from version 15 to version 9, without any issues.

    What error message shows up when you try this? Could you please send some relevant screenshots?

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    Hi @JeanK ,

    Thanks for the response. I should probably mention that both sides are commercial licenses. This is the error message that I'm getting when updating the local PC to 15 and trying to log into a version 9 client from it.

    We often don't have anyone physically there to interact with the client PCs.