TeamViewer + Cloud-based working = The sky is the limit!

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There was a time I saved my files locally on my desktop. You too?

I know - I know. Crazy behavior by today's knowledge and tool availability, right? And before you worry - I no longer do this. Mostly because I no longer have to and I know better 🙌

These days, I save everything in the cloud. And as a result, my computer is no longer slow like an overpacked donkey but fast and smooth like a cheetah performing at full power as no extra weight -like files- is slowing it down. I love it 😍

Initial concerns about the cloud

When the cloud became a thing, I first needed to overcome some initial concerns like Is my data is safe up there and Will I actually always have access to it? However, I quickly learned that the cloud is one of my favorite inventions and it is actually way safer than anything I did on my desktop. Keeping both cyber- and hardware security in mind!

Besides data security, I also love some other aspects and I think it´s totally worth a small payment each month.

Let me tell you in the following lines 👇

Access, Convenience, and Scalability

You can literally put everything in the cloud and access it across devices. This is a gamer changer per se. Or - do you disagree?

As the whole cloud concept has been so incredibly convenient, the idea of putting more and more into the cloud became popular quickly.

And today, you find everything cloud-based:

  • Your files? In the cloud!
  • Your photos? In the cloud!

And even smaller and larger companies are uploading their businesses to the cloud and benefit from less cluttering and dangerous local saving. Just keep in mind what could happen to all the data if your office burns down or your computer simply breaks or gets stolen 😱

And here comes another aspect: Scalability. Whatever you need, you can get it.

Think about times back then when you wanted to save something and the disk space was too little. Daaang - deleting other files to get space freed up was needed. I don´t miss those times! And the good thing is: This is not needed in the cloud - here, you simply book extra storage - done ✅

TeamViewer, too!

Today I saw an interesting question from one of our users. 

He planned to update his TeamViewer from an older version to TeamViewer 15. Of course, he wanted to take all the contacts and devices saved in his TeamViewer Account with him and not leave them back in the older version. Very valid point!

And here is the beauty: The TeamViewer Account is 100% cloud-based and it just stays with you wherever you are.

That means: Your account is not saved locally, and it is not tied to your device, nor your TeamViewer ID, nor your TeamViewer version.

You can access your account - and with this all your contacts and computers - from everywhere on every single TeamViewer full version, the TeamViewer Remote Control apps, or via the TeamViewer Management Console (=browser). Even in TeamViewer Meeting applications, you have access to your contacts.

Your TeamViewer Account is

  • on your desktop 🖥
  • on your mobile 📱
  • on your browser 🌐

Mic-drop-moment, right? Right!

More cloud-based?

Yes - I even have a bonus for you 🎁

Now you can even make connections cloud-based from the TeamViewer Web Client. The Web Client allows you to start outgoing TeamViewer connections from your browser to contacts or devices saved in your Computers & Contacts list.

With this, you are becoming independent from a locally installed or executed TeamViewer application.

Ok - I got one more for you:

Do you remember me mentioning security further up in the text and that companies are uploading their businesses to the cloud? I bet you do. I wanted to mention one of my cloud favorites: Cloud backup to secure data.

What´s cloud backup?

Just assume being hit by an incident that results in a loss of data and files. Having a backup available stored in the cloud under the highest security standards will give you peace of mind every day! And yes - also this is part of TeamViewer: TeamViewer Backup.

Do you also appreciate the new cloud-based world and the opportunities it is giving all of us? Share your opinion and story in the comments below – I am keen to hear your thoughts.

Further reading

1) If you want to read more about the TeamViewer Account and what benefits it is offering you I recommend our Knowledge Hub article about it:

2) And if you want to check out the Management Console and the company profile to see how the TeamViewer Account on a larger scale can help you, I got two more for you:

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