PLEASE - change the download page text "loading now" on custom modules

kevineaton77 Posts: 9 ✭✭

nearly without exception , every customer who downloads a custom module sits there and says, oh, its loading now, because the page says "loading now" in big letters when what it should say is "downloading now". In English, loading and downloading are not the same thing, "loading" implies "installing", which it isn't.

what would be even better is if the download page had some kind of arrow (like some of your competitors products....) with "now run this!" pointing to where the file can be seen and run from, it would detect which browser you were using and point at the appropriate place.

Please see my attached

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  • MartinAddpro
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    Please implement this ASAP, we are wasting so much time on daily basis waiting cause the user sits and waits since it literally tells them that it's loading.

    Most of the time i just tell them to click "Not loaded yet? Try again" and they usally spot that something is hapening in one of the corners.

  • Kruse
    Kruse Posts: 1

    Yes please, or give us the opportunity to greate direct download link to our custom moduls.

    ITSSBTV Posts: 3 ✭✭

    kevineaton77, thank you for suggesting this very bad oversight from the TeamViewer web designers.

    I've had to instruct 3 different times in the past several days that the download already is underway, started or most times done. I ask "what browser are you using", then instruct where to look for the TeamViewerQS file or ask locate the Windows OS Download folder, where there's 2 or 3 TeamViewerQS, TeamViewerQS (1), TeamViewerQS (2) files. :/

    Dear TeamViewer, please, please for the love of our sanity, update your download page as stated above and use indicators to point out the location of the download in the different browsers. Thank you. 

  • JenW
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    Hi all,

    We thank you for sharing your feedback on this matter.

    We do have an article in our Knowledge Base, explaining and showing, with screenshots, where to find the QuickSupport file according to the end-user browser.

    📄 Download custom QuickSupport module

    We wish you all a great day,


    Modératrice Communauté Francophone / French Community Moderator

  • Tonst3r
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    This is the most useless reply for the concern.

    "Just tell your clients to also click another link to see an example of how it should look on one specific browser"

    Every competitor except TeamViewer realizes how terrible this design is.

    +1 Necro this thread because it's still an issue.