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Transfer phone number to a new account?

Hi! I forgot my previous TeamViewer account's password and the email address of that account can't seem to receive the email to reset password. And then I created a new account.

The question is, I can't start a remote session unless this account is activated (that is, varify my phone number). However, my current phone number is occupied by the previous account, and I can't even use my phone to reset password...

How can I fix this? Any advice would be great!


  • Ying_Q
    Ying_Q Posts: 1,329 Moderator

    Hi @RoyRao,

    Thank you for contacting us and Welcome to TeamViewer Community.

    In order to release your mobile number from TeamViewer account, you may consider to delete the TeamViewer account. You may send the account deletion request to [email protected], the team will assist your further for deletion. Please note that it may take several weeks to release the mobile number for free.

    Hope the information will be helpful.

    Warm regards,

    Community Moderator/中文社区管理员