I'm unable to log in to TeamViewer

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Hi team,

I'm using TeamViewer for my own personal use. Using purpose is to check and control Raspberry Pi 4 from my Mac remotely.

A few days ago, I copied the SD card on my Raspberry Pi which TeamViewer is installed. The purpose of the copying is to change the setting and renew the configuration of the Raspberry Pi.

After editing, I connected my Mac to the Raspberry Pi via TeamViewer while there are two clients which have the same ID and both connected to the internet. Then the app is turned off and messaged me that: "The application 'TeamViewer' is already closed".

If possible, could you teach me how to fix this situation, please?

And if needed I'm willing to update my account to a billable one. Because I'll use this app frequently and need your support more than free downloaded personal use user.

Best regards,



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    Hi @SatoruAiko1208,

    Thank you for your post😊

    I am not quite sure about the scenario, but the issue seems to be a duplicate ID. If you are copying the SD card to 2 raspberry pi's, you will need to uninstall and re-install TeamViewer.

    If my understanding is incorrect, it would be great if you could give more details here.

    Hope this info will be helpful.

    Kind regards,


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