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With the pandemic, the home office become a normal situation on most of companies.

The Information Technology needs was increased and the problems too.

Support in a corporate environment used to be easy, cause if a user had problems all we had to do was walk to their desk and service them.

Now, the user need to have access to your desktop to tell us your TeamViewer ID.

But in some cases, users cannot log in into your workstations, due password expiration, due logon cache expired, due account lockout or domain trust relationship failure. In this cases, we need to ask user to go to company, what in a pandemic situation is a high risk for all.

Could be possible to install a GINA plugin or give a way to display the TeamViewer ID and password on the windows or MAC lockscreen?

It will revolute the way as the users are serviced.

Thanks a lot.


  • JeanK
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    Hello @HericoBrayn,

    Due to security reasons, TeamViewer will never enable such a feature. It would be very risky if the TeamViewer ID and password would be displayed on the lock screen. This would be a major security gap for your entire IT infrastructure.

    However, there might be a solution to your problem.

    I recommend the following:

    1) Deploying TeamViewer Host on all your environment with the group ID and the Easy Access parameter and therefore, assign all devices to a master account.

    ⚠We recommend using a master account (this means not a nominative but for example

    To deploy TeamViewer successfully, please refer to this article:

    Here is also a command-line example you can use for your deployment:

    msiexec.exe /i "%~dp0\TeamViewer_Host.msi" /qn CUSTOMCONFIGID=xxxxxxx APITOKEN=XXXXXXX ASSIGNMENTOPTIONS="--reassign --alias %ComputerName% --grant-easy-access --group-id gXXXXXX"

    ⚠Make sure to replace the "X"s by your values.

    2) After the deployment, the master account will have all the groups linked via Easy Access. Once this is done, share these groups with full control as a setting.

    This will not only share the groups but also transfer Easy Access to the users.

    With this setup, your IT helpdesk won't have to ask the user for the TeamViewer ID and password anymore. They will just be able to connect with a simple double-click!

    I hope this could help! 🍀

    Community Manager

  • HericoBrayn
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    Thank you very much for your interest to help.

    Oh, you are pretty right! I agree with you that showing ID and password can be a security issue, but just ID, I think it poses no risk and would be enough for us, because we log in with the local admin account.

    I find it much riskier to create a public/shared unnamed account for analysts cause it does not offer traceability.

    In my scenario, its impossible to re-deploy TeamViewer, cause all user are in home office and not everyone uses VPN connected all the time (some never connect).