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Doesn't accept Password, Can't use at all

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edited August 2021 in Remote Access License

I have a problem with my remotae access liscence. I had the same problem on Friday and actually managed to get onto a person who fixed the problem and said it was a fault on their end. Today i have the same problem, but no one responds to the email I send and the telephone number is not working. i then ring another telephone number and get told that as I have a remote access liscence they don't offer support and my only option is to ask the community.

Problem 1

Even when I reset my password it does not allow me to login - just times out and I get a message telling me the server doesn't respond.

Problem 2

when i conect to my computer it either states there are multiple sessions in progress and to try again or I can log in for about 3 seconds and then it logs me off.

Any options here or should I just get my credit card provider to reverse the payment??