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Can a TeamViewer controlling user share their screen with the controlled system?

JenkinsEar Posts: 4 ✭✭
edited August 2021 in General Questions

When controlling another TV user's system, there are just a few times I'd like to show them how I can do something, without having to record a video beforehand and then sending it. Is that possible? And if so, what steps do I take to do the share in that direction?

(This question was also asked back in April 2020 (by me) but received no comments at all. Am I requesting something unreasonable? I guess we could do TeamViewer session (in order to control the other's system) concurrent with a [Third party product] (which would allow sharing in both directions.) Or, maybe a TeamViewer meeting (which I've never used) would allow sharing in both directions - right? - but will it also allow remote control?)