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Remote Control Issue? (MAC-to-Windows)

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edited September 2021 in General Questions

Hello and thank you all so much in advance, I seem to be in quite a pickle here. I'm quite the newbie when it comes to this so please bear with me.

I'm trying to have my friend (he has a MAC) from another country (don't know if it's important to specify) access and remote control my computer (I have Windows) but everytime we're about to connect it just doesn't and tells us that "partner did not connect to router error".

I looked it up online and tried all the suggestions I found: update the version of TeamViewer to the latest, give full access in the permissions options, deactivate firewall, deactivate Internet Protocol 6. All seems useless and I'm starting to lose all hopes.

P.S: the weird thing is that when a friend of mine from here tried (he has Windows too) everything worked perfectly, so am I dumb to assume it might have to do with either the fact that we're from different states/continents or that Mac and Windows simply don't mix (on a non commercial/free account)?