Does Servicecamp come with licensing for the remote tool?


I've been testing the Servicecamp service for the ticketing system and have used the remote tools (separately) in the past. I'm down to my last day of the trial (not enough time in the day to properly test over 14 days) and I'm trying to understand how to use the remote tools through Servicecamp to help customers.

I sent a test earlier, which gave them links. I can see the invites in the remote tools, but I'm a bit confused on how it operates. So I send the invite through Servicecamp and then need to look in my remote tools outside of Servicecamp to see if the customer is ready?

Also, what if I send the invite and they aren't at their desk at that moment and come back like 10, 15, 30 minutes later. How do I know they are back at their desk at the time I'm at mine and available to remote in to help?