Has anyone who bought a lifetime license for earlier version (5) gotten free update to v.1?

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In September 2010 I bought a lifetime license for Teamviewer 5. Was I under the mistaken impression that it was for MY lifetime and not that of the version?? Several years ago when security issues required that v. 5 was no longer secure, I got a free upgrade to v. 9. While that was a nice gesture, v.15 was the then current version and it was a royal pain getting my clients to get rid of v.15 so I could help them using v. 9. So now I have v.15 installed, but it's only a TRIAL version and I'm out of luck connecting to my clients. Over the years I have accumulated more than 1,000 clients who used either version 5 or 9. My clients have simple needs. I just need to see their screens in order to help them. No meetings. No VPN. None of the fancy-shmansy stuff the current version can now do. Has anyone out there been in a similar position and been successful in getting TV to honor their Lifetime License policy and given them a current license upgrade? If so, can you share how you accomplished this? I think this is lousy support, especially for the people who helped build Teamviewer when it was in its infancy into what it has now become.

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    We have the same problem. We bought a corporate License of Ver 6 way back in 2011 with an assurance that it is Lifetime License. We were upgraded to Version 9 and then to Version 11. On Jan 1st, 2022 they just disabled our license and we are no longer able to use it. I have tired contacting team viewer support multiple times but not able to get a proper answer. You are right, we supported Team Viewer when they were starting and this is not the right attitude. They cannot just dump customers because they have grown big now. We also require only the base functionalities and will never use the features provided by V15. If any Team Viewer Executives are seeing this message, I think you should take the initiative and do something to your customers to whom you promised a Lifetime License. Do not force us to buying the V15 which is very costly and unaffordable.

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    I have exactly the same problem - started with V4 and purchased a Lifetime Licence for V6. Received an upgrade email to move to V9 from TeamViewer on 13/12/2019 and a further upgrade email to move to V11 on 21/12/20. This is exactly the actions one would expect when a company wished to reduced old version support costs by moving valued customers (who had supported the company in its early years) to a more modern version. Contrast this with the latest where users now suddenly find on 1/1/2022 their “Lifetime” licences is in fact apparently been cancelled with no warning. 

    The features I needed to support my old contacts worked perfectly until I tried to use TeamViewer on 3rd January 2022 when trying to connect to a remote computer. I got a message that the remote computer was running an old version which is out of date - this is incorrect as it was the latest version of the QuickSupport. In fact I believe the source of the problem is located in the main TeamViewer program - Computers & Contacts / Edit Profile / Options for TeamViewer Account which shows under “Activated Licence .... Free Expires: 01/01/2022"

    Contacted Support via phone but they could not help as I could not provide an Invoice Number - Come on TeamViewer who has any hope of locating an Invoice which is at least 12 years old? The only way round this I was told was send an email to Support@Teamviewer.com and they could locate the account / Invoice details from the email address. This failed as they are no longer accepting emails at this address. The returned email directed me to the Support Request page which needed an Invoice Number first.

    I am now retired and just supporting old customers as a favour plus some voluntary sector work. I only need basic remote screen control and limited file transfers for set up or repairing a data files. The many advanced meeting / voice functions added to TeamViewer are of no use where the only need is to keep old customers working. On top of that I would be expected to pay for a product for which I paid a far higher price than the many repeat rental costs at that time in order to keep use of the product for as long as I needed it.

    This is a problem TeamViewer need to fix as a matter of urgency before more Lifetime users find there Licence has been cancelled without any warning or compensation for being mislead on what they were originally purchasing.

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    What I used to do when I customer decided to update their Teamviewer to a version beyond my own (I've had 5, 6 and still use 12), is log into the web client. Now, for some reason my license says Business: Free, so I can no longer use that as a workaround (free, my **bleep** - paid good money for each version). I have tried contacting Teamviewer via chat (useless) and by phone (you are calling outside our office hours - at 1:30pm). As you can see, the initial post was in October and there has been no response from Teamviewer (shocker!). I, too, am almost at retirement age and don't need the bells and whistles (or subscription fees) of a new version. Unfortunately, it looks like they're going to leave us hanging.

    Luckily, I only have a few clients left, so I guess I'm going looking for a new option.

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    Exactly the same problem hire to.. A have two life time business license, 5 and 6, and now I can't use either of them... and they do not want to accept those license as discount for new subscription model.. **bleep**?

    Do anybody have some info on this topic?

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    Teamviewer does not care. They have enough demands for their products and TV can survive without us little guys.

    I cancel my upcoming renewal and they don't care to encourage me to stay. I have been with TV for more than 10 years.

    Germans just don't know how to do biz. that is all.

    Intuit is the same. They change their biz model and only sell their quickbooks product directly to consumers.

    Intuit used to sell Quickbooks via Costco, Office Depot, Amazon and other retail outlets.

    Intuit garnered enough Quickbooks "addicts" they think they can survive without retail outlets.

    Let's wait and see. This biz model is brutal. They try to get you hooked on the online version, which it **bleep**, expensive and try to accommodate the mass.

    The biz landscape is changing fast. Money is priority. Corporation is greedy. This is the norm.

    Once the shareholders made enough dough then they want to be philanthropists. This is a way to redeem themselves for the sin they committed. it is biz as usual, e.g. Bill Gate....