Client PC has 3 IP's in the ID field.

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Hello, I am trying to make a LAN remote control on a MacBook Air (host[wireless connection]) to remote control a Windows 10 PC (client[ethernet connection]). The LAN network is on a Apple Airport Extreme router with no internet connection (a bit off topic but because I am in a band, I am trying to have the MacBook control the Windows PC, running a virtual machine with Mac installed on the VM. It has a music DAW installed for all our sound effects, programming, etc.). Anyway, I don't need an internet connection on the network. I just need the MacBook to control the Windows PC remotely. However, the client TeamViewer shows in the "Your ID" field 3 different IP address'. I've tried messing around with any of the settings to bring it down to one IP address but I'm having no luck.

This is exactly what it says: [removed per Community Guidelines]

None of these IP's will work when I enter them in the "Partner ID" field on the host computer. On the host computer however, the "Your ID" field only says one IP address, which says "". When I try to connect the client PC to the host Mac, it works with no problems at all. I can remote control it, send files, I can do anything. My question is why can't I get the Mac (host) to connect to the Windows PC (client)? Am I missing something or is there a way to get the "Your ID" field to only display one IP address? Why is there three on the client and the host only shows one? Any help would be appreciated!

Side note: I have both computers accepting incoming LAN connections (like I said before, the network is LAN ONLY. There is no internet connection on the network because I don't need it for what we're doing, and these computers come around with us to different locations all the time).