About the way how to solve the "Cursor slippage problem"

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I am a business user.

Host: iMac

Guest: MacbookPro

There is a "Cursor slippage problem" between the host iMac and the guest MacbookPro as in the attached picture, so I can not click the position that I exactly want to click on the host iMac via the guest MacbookPro.

Rebooting both the host and the guest does not work as a solution.

Is there any solution to this problem?


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    HI @TM2

    Thanks for reaching out and Happy Holidays.

    If I interpret your case correctly, I have good and not-so-good news for you.

    Good: There is another thread where @JeanK is pointing out that our devs are aware of the case and that they are currently working on a solution: cursor position is incorrect when using latest new version — TeamViewer Support

    Not-so-good: The solution has not been implemented yet and so it is not resolved yet.

    In any case, you may want to subscribe to the other thread to get notified once there is an update.

    Thanks and a good start to your week!


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