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Does deleting quickshare from samsung mobile stop TeamViewer access to see mobile?

danall Posts: 1 Newbie
edited January 11 in Mobile

My mother was a victim of fraud. A scammer called her and told her to download quickconnect. they then proceeded to clean out her bank account from her banking app.

The access ID is the same everytime i delete and reinstall the app.

If I delete the app, does the scammer not have access to her phone anymore?



  • JoshP
    JoshP Posts: 759 Senior Moderator

    Hello @danall

    Thanks for your post.

    We are sorry to hear your mother was contacted in such a manner. Please know we take such situations very seriously.

    Firstly, please know you can report such cases here. You can find the form by scrolling downward. To let you know, we work with many international institutions in efforts to mitigate such fraud.

    I would also like to share with you the following blog post, What to do after a scammer attack. Under Report What Happened you can find government entities where you can also report this case.

    To answer your question directly: Once QuickSupport is deleted, no access to the device is possible through TeamViewer.

    To elaborate:

    Any connection via TeamViewer, when an app is installed, required the user on the remote device (in this case, your mother) to click accept in order for the user to connect. Once the app is closed/deleted, any active session would be cancelled. If the app were still installed, another confirmation to connect would be required in order for someone to reconnect to the device a second time.

    On another point, the TeamViewer ID is a unique number created based on the specific device's hardware/software configuration. This is why the ID is the same each time you reinstall.

    I hope this helps answer some questions that you had. If there is anything else we can answer for you, please feel free to reply here again!

    Take care, and stay safe.

    Josh P.
    Senior Community Moderator


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