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Stuck upon login on black screen with white letters

Using teamviewer I can log on to my remote Ubuntu system, there appears this screen:

It seems like the pc has started op correctly and teamviewer is able to connect.

Unfortunately I can also not restart the pc using "actions -> reboot" because it is grayed out.

However, there seems to be no response when typing any commands.

There is a monitor connected to the pc, I use teamviewer 15.1, I do not have physical access to the pc.

I am really unsure what I am looking at and how to continue.

Any pointers or clarification about my system would be very welcome!

I have questions like:

  • What am I looking at?
  • Why is there no response from my pc?
  • Why can I not reboot the pc using the actions?
  • What could be the possible cause that I do not see my Desktop environment?