Black Screen when an end user is browsing in incognito mode

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We are looking to use TeamViewer to support one of our departments who need to monitor user interactions with a Galaxy A5 tablet. A user requirement is that the end users must be using the Chrome browser in 'Incognito Mode'. Whenever an 'Incognito' session is started, all that can be seen is on the remote device is a black screen.

If running a TeamViewer session on a WIndows laptop or iPhone, then the screen is displayed whether in a normal or incogtnito/private browser.

Is there a setting that can be changed in TeamViewer to enable the activity to be viewed in any browsing mode, or alternatively can a change be made on the device to permit this?


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    Incognito mode blocks screenshots/screen casting. To remedy this, you will need access to the device.

    Once on the device, launch chrome and create a new tab. In the URL/search bar, type chrome://flags/ . This will launch the chrome experiments window. In the 'search flags' box, type incognito screenshot then change the default value to enable. It will ask you to relaunch chrome and you can then close the tab.

    You will now be able to view and control the mobile device while incognito mode is active.