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PartnerDidNotConnectToRouter to a RaspberryPI on my VPN

Tudvari Posts: 2 ✭✭

I have two Raspberry Pi-s on a VPN, both with internet access.

I installed Teamviewer Host and at the beginning I could connect both of them.

But now I can't connect one of them, it says:

While I still can SSH to that Pi, access the internet, etc.

Here's the log:

  • outgoing session to 942000526 via, protocol Tcp
  • S0  CTcpConnectionBase[3]::ConnectEndpoint(): Connecting to endpoint 161.***.*.***:5938
  • S0  Carrier[3]::CmdEndSession(): Received CMD_ENDSESSION with reason: PartnerDidNotConnectToRouter

When I enter teamviewer info, it says:

I tried multiple apt-get purge teamviewer-host, rebooting, but it stays the same.

Any ideas? :\

Thanks in advance!