Teamviewer not starting up early when using a lan cable

I want to connect to my device with teamviewer in the windows logon screen. I have checked the box in the options settings of teamviewer. When I use a wifi connection, I can connect to the device when in logon screen (this does confirm that it's possible to do even though I use a free license), but when I start the computer up using a Lan connection (and yes it has the internet access), team viewer says its unable to connect. When I entered my password and on the desktop screen, the device is online again on teamviewer. So there is something that is blocking me for using teamviewer within the logon screen when I have the lan cable connection.

I looked at the log files and compared the wifi log files with the lan log files and found some weird logs:

2022/05/02 10:15:09.586 4652 5784 S0  CKeepAliveClientClient::Handl2022/05/02 10:15:24.396 4652 5756 S0  CKeepAliveClientClient::StartConnect(): Protocol 1 proxy -- IP router12.teamviewer.comeStartKeepAlive: going online not wanted! 


2022/05/02 10:15:24.396 4652 5756 S0  Activating Router Carrier
2022/05/02 10:15:29.249 4652 5772 S0!! HttpRequestImpl::CurlFinished(): curl request failed: Couldn't connect to server (7), Failed to connect to port 80: Timed out
2022/05/02 10:15:29.249  4652  5772 S0!! CHttpConnectionOutgoing::ResolveDNSName: resolving DNS name failed, status = Failed, HTTP response code = 0, URL = ''
2022/05/02 10:15:29.249 4652 5772 S0!! CHttpConnectionOutgoing::HandleResolveDNS: empty address, m_ConnectionState=0
2022/05/02 10:15:29.249 4652 5784 S0! CProcessCommandHandlerKeepAlive[4]::HandleKeepAliveConnect(): Connect to KeepAliveServer failed
2022/05/02 10:15:29.249 4652 5756 S0!!!KeepAliveSessionOutgoing::ConnectFailureHandler(): KeepAliveConnect to failed
2022/05/02 10:15:29.251 4652 5756 S0  Waiting 1 seconds to connect to KeepAlive again

I'm not sure if the KeepAliveClient is the part that is used for starting teamviewer within logon screen, because I couldn't find anything about it on internet.

I'm out of options, so any advice is helpful.

If I need to provide more details, I can give them.