Teamviewer 15.29.4 | Keyboard not working, not even virtual keyboard.

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My mouse is working fine.

I'm trying to connect to my PC from my Laptop, it was perfectly working until some days ago, now I can't type anything, no keys from keyboard are sent. Physical keyboard is perfectly working on both machines. The strange thing is that even when I click the keys using the Virtual Keyboard, the keys are not sent, i'm unable to type anything.

I tried the following:

1) Pressing modifiers multiple times, Alt, Shift, Ctrl and FN. No luck.

2) Reinstalled keyboard drives on both sides.

3) Reinstalled teamviewer on both sides.

4) Switched on and off the "Send key combinations"

5) Updated Windows on both sides.

6) Plugged and unplugged the physical keyboard.

The very strange thing was: whenever I unplug my physical keyboard, on the PC, I'm able to send keys and key combinations from the Teamviewer for about 2 seconds, then completely unable again, be it typing on my laptop keyboard or pressing buttons in the virtual keyboard.

The only workaround I found was typing whatever I wanted on my laptop, copying, and pasting on my PC using mouse.

Pretty sure I tried every possible solution on the internet, and no luck. Many many people have the same problem as I do, from what I searched. I'm hoping the teamviewer team can provide some definitive solution here or adress this problem on an update as soon as possible.